White Noise for Baby

Michał Šrajer



Pick one of six noises, select duration and let your phone calm your baby.* it's FREESome parents may not be able to pay for the app. I don't want their child to cry because of that.* Starts quicklyWhen your child is crying, you don't want to spend 20seconds tapping on your phone, do you?* no addsIf you have a child, you know it's pointless. You need to calm down your kid and you are in interested in tapping on ads. Most likely.* works in air plain modeIf you leave your phone or tablet next to your child, you probably don't want to crump your child with any radio signal* battery efficientThis is obvious goal. This app consume almost zero energy.* gentle start/stopIf noise starts rapidly, it may scare your child. If it stops immediately it may wake you child up.* support old AndroidMany people have some old smartphone in a drawer. Why not use one of them and for BabyNoise? App supports Android 4.1 and above.If you like it, please rate and leave a comment.If something is wrong, or you have idea for improvements feel free to email me.