Infinity Warriors

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An undeafeated swordsman, your epic quest for immortality has led you to the tower of the Demon King, your most mighty enemy. But to attain eternal life, you must journey through dangerous realms to fight fierce creatures, unlocking the mysteries of an ancient evil in order to combat the ultimate boss. Master the Swordsmans combat techniques with one-touch game play and, using Infinity Warriors simple controls, deliver explosive attacks to complete your quest. Collect dozens of weapons, cast epic spells and customize your character with endless build combinations, as the Infinity Warrior fights for immortality. Special Features - ONE-TOUCH COMBAT: Infinity Warriors simple one-touch mobile controls are intuitive and easy to master and youll soon be unleashing lethal attacks, casting spells, fighting enemies like a true action hero and vanquishing bosses all with a tap of your finger. Quickly learn to jump, swipe, attack and deploy evasive manoeuvres to conquer each level and each epic boss. - LEGENDARY WEAPONS: Discover and collect weapons, helmets, armour and rings to protect and assist you in battle. Drawn from the far-flung reaches of the realm, the swords, protective armour and helmets you will gather and unlock carry within them special strengths; use them wisely to fight your enemies. As you advance through your adventure, the skills you build up will allow you to unlock master abilities and call down mighty powers when you deploy critical hits, bringing you closer to immortality. - EPIC BOSS FIGHTS: Travel the kingdom through wild and dangerous terrains to combat each lands ancient evils and gigantic beasts. Use your cunning and skill to take down the reptilian lizard tribes of the forest and the fearsome golems of the Crystal Caves, to reach the biggest, baddest bosses of each realm. Only by beating them all will you gain enough strength to finally fight the Demon King and win your immortality. - AWESOME SPELLS: Control the elements with incredible screen-clearing Ring Spells. Cast these miraculous treasures to rebuild your strength, control fire and lightning, wind and ice and even bring down hellfire on your enemies when you need it. - INFINITE POWER: Loot, grind and upgrade to gain the speed and strength to defeat the Demon King. - OBLIVION RIFT: access the limitless power of Oblivion Rift to fight wave after wave of ever-stronger enemies and earn more XP and coins on this level than on any other. Upon defeating each wave, advance deeper into the epic quest of combat. +++ Infinity Warriors +++ PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, and your Google Play account will be charged. - This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. - A network connection is NOT required to play. - If you have a problem with this game, please contact us: FOLLOW US

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